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Are you tired of dragging junk to the curb, or making trip after trip to the dump? Make the dump come to you by taking advantage of our dumpster rental! You’ll be surprised at how much our dump trailers can hold. Whether you’re getting rid of some large items, or purging a lot of small clutter, we’ve got you covered. Our dump trailer is on wheels for easy positioning, and we can even extend the height with large wood inserts for extra-heavy-duty dump jobs. Save time and effort by renting our dump trailer. We’ll bring it right where you need it, and pick it up when you’re done.

Your Dumpster rental: Fill It & Forget It. 

We’ll cart away all your trash to the dump, for one fee*, and you save untold time and effort. It’s that simple. No need to spend hours online doing dump trailer comparison. We take care of it all. We’re local, friendly and ready to help you get rid of the trash and move on with your life. If you need help getting through your spring cleaning and de-cluttering, give us a call at (423) 704-9700 today for a fast quote and rental availability, or fill out the form below:

*Price includes up to 2 tons. $45 per ton if more than 2 tons. Mattresses, box springs, concrete, dirt, tires, appliances will incur extra charges or may be prohibited.  Please call if you have any of these items.

We also deliver loads of:

Dirt Hauling

Dirt Delivery

Gravel Hauling

Gravel Delivery

Mulch Hauling

Mulch Delivery

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